I’ve haven’t blogged in recent months because school work have gotten most of my attention. When school was out, I had a lot to catch upon which is based on my interests. Blogging happens to be one of my interests that is on my list to catch upon. Even with school work, I was still able to allow myself time to work on my videos which by the way is upon my YouTube channel. There’s simply wasn’t been enough time to do both; videography and blogging.

Now that I have caught up on things, I decided it’s time to start blogging again. Last school year, I did a lot of papers so my writing improved a lot. My teacher last year gave me the comments that I have a unique and original writing style. Another important thing which I need to catch upon is my Flickr. School isn’t the main reason why I haven’t been uploading photos to Flickr. Flickr have informed me that I’m close to my photo limit of two hundred (200) and If I didn’t upgrade to a pro account you will only be able to see my recent two hundred (200) photos but none will be deleted. I’m fine with that I guess, so I’ll be uploading new photos shortly of events I went to such as; The Salmon Festival, MusicFest 2011, LCW The Gore Tour and so on.

With regrades to blogging, I’m going to try and type a formal writing style and not just post photos and videos which I’ve been doing in the past. I’m still going to post photos and videos, the only difference being the post’s are going to have a lot of text explaining what the post, photo, video and so on happens to be about. I’m soon not going to be posting to both blogs; Blogger and WordPress. I’m going to choice one of my two blog’s and stick with it. It’s ratter silly for me to keep posting to both of my blog’s. I will have an blog post coming soon featured on both blogs on which blog I should choice; Blogger or WordPress.