The bloging service war concludes, well for me. In my previous blog post, I’ve stated that I have to choice between Goolge Blogger ( vs. WordPress ( I have made my final decision, I compared both blogging services and I have picked the blogging service that have the features I like the most and have very few features I dislike. This is basically a follow up on my previous post.


Major things I like about Blogger are; they don’t show ads on your blog, I can indent, Blogger lets every template has a mobile version, The current template, I’m using is full screen and it adopts on almost every monitors/displays to maintain full screen, I can have third party gadgets and last but now least you can edit the HTML. I dislike that Blogger doesn’t really have non-simple templates and Blogger also doesn’t have a word count for posts.


Now on to WordPress, I like some things about it which are; there is an over overwhelming amount of themes (templates) and WordPress has an application on several devices including in the Apple App store. I dislike how WordPress might show ads on your blog, I can’t find a theme that will display full size on my full screen monitor, in other words I can’t find a theme that will adopt its size to most monitors/displays, WordPress doesn’t allow scripts/widgets, for example a visitor tracker. WordPress gives you very little control over templates and they don’t let you edit them. WordPress doesn’t allow you to have third party widgets. WordPress doesn’t let you indent in its post editor. Also WordPress doesn’t let you embed YouTube playlists.


I have narrowed down the features that I like and dislike. As I stated in my previous post both blogging services are good. They both bring something different to the table so I like to appreciate both but at the end of the day when it comes down to it, I need to use one instead of two and stop posting on both as that is ratter silly. I had made my final decision on which blog service I’m going to stick with and which one, I’m going to dump. I like and dislike many things about each service; Blogger and WordPress. I have made my decision based on which I like and dislike the most about each service. I’ve enjoined using both blogging services over the last few years. Now I’m only going to dump WordPress and stick with Blogger.